Find of the Day: Rivets

As we all know, since March the subject of rivets has been one of the many banes of my armoring existence. Dritz makes a line of nickel rivets which are meant to use on jeans and other craft projects and which I basically used through each and every one of my armor projects so far. However, they’re super expensive at $7.99/24 pack of rivets (though sometimes they were on sale at Joanns for 50% off). So, with a new armor project on the horizon, I thought it was time to find a cheaper–and more accessible–alternative.

Enter: The rapid rivet. Used primarily for leather work, rapid rivets don’t require any special tools or setters to cinch down the front and the back of the piece. Instead (apparently) a nice, firm tap from a hammer will do the trick. Additionally, rapid rivets come in larger quantities than Dritz jean rivets do. And at a cheaper price as well. And in multiple colors. Therefore, they seem like the perfect choice for my newest project.

On eBay, landco leathercraft supply offers a nice selection of these rivets in three different colors: Antique brass, brass, and nickel. And at $6.90/200 rivets, it’s one of the best deals I’ve found. So once Avoree gives me her color choice (which will be used with mixed metal colors, she should note) I’ll be able to put in an order on these things ^.^

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2 Responses to Find of the Day: Rivets

  1. Avoree says:

    Ari, this could be the beginning of a beautiful partnership. I look forward to working on your chest piece and having my mechanical counterpart finished as well. Also, we should talk about making leather and chain combinations and other such parts. Once I finished your commission I will be taking my lammelar armor and adding chainmail additions to it as well. If you get a chance, take a look for parachute cord in red and tell me if you find anything.

    ❤ Avoree

    • paladinari says:

      Yes, leather and chain or even metal and chain could make for some really interesting pieces ^.^
      Should I assume that the parachute cord is to string together your lammelar?

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