Back from Medieval Times

Denya and I went to the Medieval Festival yesterday in Sands Point, NY. It was a quaint little festival, but we were some of the few visitors who actually dressed up (including some very adorable and period appropriate children!). I, of course, wore my armor: Opting to mix my Ari and Saber sets for something a little different. And Denya humored me by wearing her new Buttercup gown. However, at the request of Denya, I will not be able to post any pictures of her in her lovely gown until after next weekend when she and our fearless DM go to the New York Renaissance Faire (lest he see her in her dress before the “big day”). So, without further adieu, a picture for the night before I pass out and go to sleep. More tomorrow…

"My home is my castle."

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2 Responses to Back from Medieval Times

  1. I think the lighting did rather well:-D

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