Buttercup: Winding Down

So, it’s been a crazy ride with this Buttercup gown! It’s taken me about 3-4 weeks from start to completion, and I’m nearly perfectly satisfied with the results. Of course, who could consider themselves an “artist” if they thought they were perfect? No. I still see flaws here and there. Things I wish I had done differently. Things I wish I could go back and redo (if it wouldn’t mean destroying the dress in the process). Structurally, though, there’s nothing wrong with the dress. But if only I notice the aesthetic things and no one else does (ie, I’m not going to tell Denya where that little run is, because I really don’t think she’d catch it otherwise, that’s how imperceptible it is), then I guess I’ll be happy.
As of tonight, the dress is 100% complete with only minor trim details to attend to when Denya arrives (ie, buttons or no buttons?). I even went and picked up the appropriate ribbon for the lacing, and the dress is, at the moment, completely laced up in the back.
I still have yet to begin/complete my secret bonus accessory for the outfit. The concept is in my mind, but I don’t think that it’ll be possible to complete by the time of the final reveal tomorrow. However, that won’t necessarily stop me from making it and sending it to Denya within the coming week.
On Sunday, most likely, we will be having a Buttercup photoshoot. I’m very excited to get Denya all dressed and dolled up and take proper pictures of the new gown and its proud new owner. Those pictures will probably be up in a pretty photo gallery on my blog by Sunday night.
And, I’m also happy to announce that Denya and Ari will be appearing at a festival this weekend! So, if you’re in the Sands Point, Long Island area, you won’t want to miss it!
Anyway *yawn* seamstress needs some sleep. Rats have been keeping her awake. Cute, fat little furballs….

Up next–when I can stomach beginning the next project, though I’m excited to get started–a Steampunk arm! So, stay tuned!

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