Building Up Buttercup

Ok! Here’s the checklist of everything left to do on the Buttercup gown. I’m down to the wire and almost complete! *bounces with joy*

– Hem the Gown
– Finish off the top of the slip
– Finish the sleeves
– Trim the neckline
– Insert modesty panel in back
– Sew on eyelet strips (the eyelet strips have already been created)

and, if there’s time:

– Create secret bonus accessory 😉

I can do it! I just need to believe in myself! ^.^*

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2 Responses to Building Up Buttercup

  1. Oooo secret bonus accessory! Do me a favor and make sure the trim on the neckline(and if any ends up on the sleeve holes due to hiding correcting) isn’t going to touch my skin and be itchy like crazy. Any time something has a trim if it’s not really soft material it will irritate my skin if it’s touching, resulting with scratch marks all over the area from it annoying me. I don’t want my favorite dress to be so!

    • paladinari says:

      Ok, I’ve taken note ^.^
      By the way, unless you really, REALLY think that it’s going to hinder you, I think I’m afraid of touching the sleeve opening in the back (aesthetically, that is. it’s not like I CAN’T open up the sleeve and make it larger, but I don’t want to mess up the already fragile satin). Is this ok, or would you like me to tackle it?

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