Buttercup: Lined, Edged,and “Poofed”

So, I’m still working on the Buttercup gown! I’ve had to hold off on the last few final details, however. For example, I can’t create a closure for the back of the gown until Denya tries it on. And, even though I’ve edged the hem of the satin portion of the gown in bias tape, I’ve been a bit reluctant to turn it up and make it look like a true hem just yet.

I asked Denya  a few days ago if she was interested in a bridal crinoline (“poof”) to help fill out the skirt into the quintessential princess “bell” shape. So, I decided to buy one that either we could modify to work for this dress (ie, there’s enough tulle that I could take some away to create less “poof”), or that I myself could end up using for… SOMETHING, if Denya doesn’t want it altogether.

However, I just tried the crinoline on the mannequin with the full slip and dress just for the effect, and I’m VERY happy with the results. As I had hoped, the slip peeks out just a little bit from the hem of the dress. If I do end up turning up the hem of the dress, it will peek out even more. Also, the mannequin is set to roughly Denya’s height, but once she tries it on the lengths of everything are still bound to change. With the crinoline, I think that just enough “lift” was created for the gown, which also helps to keep all the parts of the slip and the gown where they are supposed to be. But then, that’s just my opinion. And Denya IS the client. So, it’s up to her ^.^

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