Trim Goodies

Grandma was nice enough to allow me to raid her craft closet for trim and other wonderful things. I actually came up with three trims which I thought might make nice additions to the Buttercup gown. The one on the right is a blue embroidered ribbon with an intricate silver/gold design on it. I think that this would make nice trim to accent the sleeves on the band that holds the sleeve to the arm. In the middle is a very wide woven band of silver and multicolored sparkly ribbon which glitters in the light. I’m not sure what I’d do with this and there isn’t a lot of it. But it’s still pretty! And finally, on the left is a very flexible silver woven trim. It’s thin and looks kind of like jewelry if you look fast. I think that this might make a nice trim to accent just around the neckline of the dress.

Any feedback from Denya?

Possible neck trim?

Possible sleeve trim?

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11 Responses to Trim Goodies

  1. Two other ideas, one: what about lace for the sleeves over the see through inside sleeve…or would that be too many materials with the cotton underskirt? another idea is this:

    doing the see-through material over, instead of under, and finding either a blue or a silver,I’m leaning towards silver, sleeve underneath, not necessarily a straight sleeve like here but a flowwie one like yours. I think that might look real pretty with the blue band on top with the blue and silver trim. and we could still possibly due the belt thing out of the silver…or out of one of the silver trims…or both. Let me know what you think.

    • paladinari says:

      Well, I’ll do whatever you’re willing to reimburse me for, lol ^.^*
      Either sleeve is fine with me. Lace, honestly, might get a bit pricey, since I’m not sure what you’re exactly envisioning. Though I’d be willing to go price it out for you. I like the idea of a silver sleeve. And I have both the white chiffon and a “seafoam blue” colored chiffon fabric that I could use to make either an overlay or an underlay for the sleeve, if you’d really like two-layer sleeves. I’d take a picture of the seafoam, but I don’t know if the color would come out right. Though I could show you this weekend if you might be interested. Anyway, just let me know what you want. I don’t really plan on starting the sleeve until next week, anyway. I finished putting an edge on the hem of the dress today so that it won’t ravel. Then, I plan on flipping it up so all you see is the blue of the satin, and that’s what you’ll get to try on this weekend. I didn’t bother doing anything about a back closure for the dress yet, so we still have some flexibility for design and size there, too. Also, I’d probably love to take a little trip out to Joanns when I come up this weekend. So worse comes to worse, we could also go there for supplies, ideas, etc. ^.^

      • I’m thinking we’ll try to find a silver material for an under sleeve this weekend at Joanne’s(i think i still have a coupon thats good) and we’ll do the white chiffon over it. With using the blue material as the upper sleeve band, with the blue trim in the middle of it. The smaller silver trim for the collar. Possibly also the silver sleeve material as a separate belt like the one I showed you (not necessarily with trim on it).

        So materials you are providing/bought plus labor for the whole project, how much is it going to be? We’re/I’m trying to budget with the many things that have just happened which require monnies.

      • Yep I was right, I have a 40% of any regular priced item coupon to Joanne’s, it’s only good through this Saturday though so we wont be able to wait until Sunday to go if I want to try and use it.

        I don’t know what you two are doing but currently it looks like we’re going to take Kitten to Petco in Hamden in the morning around 9:30 and we should be done no later than noon (clinics only open 10-12). Then we’ll be looking at a house in Naugatuck, we saw the outside of it last night and really liked it, around 2pm. So home around 3pm or so I would think. If your really bored and up for adventure your welcome to come with us on all of those adventures..or you guys can just come over around 3-3:30 and then we can go over to Joannes on the way back towards Bridgeport for the Meeting. We could even swap cars, you could come with me in mine to go to Joannes and Jim and Dave can do there own thing in his and well meet up at the meeting. Lee me know what you think.

      • paladinari says:

        Lol, as fun as adventure would be, I did promise that I would help Gris pack up the apartment this weekend. Whether or not we can actually wake up and do this in a timely manner is debatable. But still, we’ll probably just head over your place after 3 for kitten-ness and dress up-ness.

      • yeah that’s what i figured:-D See you tomorrow night:-D

      • paladinari says:

        Would you maybe like to go to Joanns tomorrow night after you get out of work and before the party instead? You-know-who doesn’t normally get home until 6:30, and I don’t even know if he’s going to bother since he’s already in West Haven there. And I don’t have my apartment keys anymore, so it’s not like I really have anywhere to touch base with once I get there. It would be silly of me to drive up there and straight to the party, since I’d get caught in rush hour. *shrug*

  2. Oh and FYI Jim and I have Saturday off if you and Dave wanna come over in the afternoon before meeting to see kitten and do some dressup we can:-D

  3. I’m totally on board with the neck trim/ sleeve trim ideas. I love the blue I think it’s gorgeous. Is there enough of the dress material to use it make the upper sleeve section where the trim would be? and what do you think about silver humming and such over that idea.

    • paladinari says:

      Yes, unless you have any other ideas, I was basically going to use the same sleeve design as my own sleeves… with your material. I’m not looking at it at the moment, but there should be enough of the blue satin to make the upper sleeve. Then, I would affix a band of trim like I did on mine. I’m happy that you like the silver trim for the neckline. I think that it’s going to be really pretty. And, it’ll also cover up a small mistake I made while trying to line the dress ^.^*

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