Find of the Day: An Angel Behind the Ear

So I was in Kohls today shopping for jeans, because I really only have one pair which isn’t worn out and is considered “work appropriate” (I’m so, so, so hoping for this job!). Anyway, I was passing by a rack of clearance/sale items and came across a display for Mudd accessories. Right now, they’re 50% off. So after some looking, I actually found two very adorable hair accessories. One is one of those headbands with a feather on it (which I’ve always wanted to get, but could never justify spending the money on it). And the other accessory was a pair of silver angel wings bobby pins. I was immediately reminded of Cardcaptor Sakura. Not that Sakura actually wears angel wings in her hair, necessarily, but I know that she does wear stylized angel wings accessories from time to time. So, after a moment of Cardcaptor happiness, I picked them up. They’re cute because they’re not just two wings facing the same direction, but you can arrange them in your hair with the wings facing each other. Of course, being the weird person I am, what’s the first thing I do? Right: Put one behind one ear and one behind the other–“Pit style.” ^.^

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One Response to Find of the Day: An Angel Behind the Ear

  1. Heather says:

    AWW! pretty! They remind me of Sakura as well.

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