Update: The Home Front

Really? I haven’t posted since Friday? Wow, I’m falling back on the job!

So as many of you know, your resident paladin has recently moved back from the land of carriages and package stores to her home turf: the glorified sandbar known as Long Island. It was a pretty easy move, once the packing was all said and done. However, it does feel a bit lonely and empty here.

As you’ll all remember from a week or so ago, I’m redoing my room to make me feel a little bit better about coming home. Right now, it’s rather empty and sparse. But with all of the clutter that I got rid of last week gone, it feels a lot more calming. One of the most annoying parts of my room at the moment is how I don’t have a desk set up. This means that my laptop has been sitting on an empty dresser, that I sit at the kitchen and dining room tables to type, and that I don’t have a place to set up my sewing machine.

Despite having come home, I am making “progress” on Denya’s Princess Buttercup gown. After an attempt at pinning the lining to the inside, I realized that I needed to do something with the seams of the dress first in order to finish it off. At the request of Denya, I had to find a way to really finish the seams for once, rather than just leaving them raggedy. I’ve actually already been to the fabric store twice since I got home: Once to buy white cotton to create a lining for the dress, and once to buy bias tape (which is essentially a thin strip of fabric which will encase the raw edges of the seam). So, if I ever have a working sewing machine, I guess we all know what I’ll be doing.

We just got back from dinner, actually. My family and I (and our little Pomeranian, Pooshky) went down to Northport Village for the last street festival of the season. It was rather loud and crowded, which isn’t exactly my cup of tea. However, since it’s such a boating community (being right on the harbor), it was probably a good thing that we went tonight. Yes, we are bracing for Hurricane Earl here, people. Long Island hasn’t been hit by a hurricane since I was a little baby, so we’re definitely out of practice here, for anyone who’s wondering. So, it should make for an interesting weekend, no?

In other news, I am very excited about the newest addition to my technology family, which is set to show up around Friday or Saturday (you know, when Earl is coming?). I’ve been wanting to get an iPhone for a while now. Aside from the fact that I’ve always wanted a data plan so that I can be joined at the hip to my email wherever I go, and that I already have a Mac, so this should be a cinch to get used to and integrate with, I just think that the iPhone is a cool gadget. Unfortunately, so does everyone else. With the 4G just having come out, it’s really difficult to find anything less technologically glorified in the stores (ie, I went to/called to more than ten stores today and couldn’t find any of the 3Gs, which only cost $99, as opposed to over $200). So, I finally broke down and ordered my new phone (which has been up for renewal since the end of July) from AT&Ts website. My new baby is going to be a 3GS, and I’m super excited!

Also in other news, I went on a job interview yesterday. I won’t say the name of the company, however, I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in yesterday and found myself in the middle of a “hip,” “modern” Internet company. Really. It was like interviewing with ThinkGeek. A very casual, laid back atmosphere. Exciting projects to work on. Really cool technology around every turn. Vibrant. Friendly. No one over the age of 30. You know: One of those places college graduates only dream about working at when they first get out of school. They’re still interviewing this week (it’s for a secretary position). But I should know by Friday or Monday at the latest if I got the job. I’m really hoping for it, of course. It seems so perfect! And I was so well qualified. I might have felt better if the interview had lasted more than 15 minutes, but what are you going to do?

So I think that’s about it. I look forward to coming back to Connecticut September 10-12 (hopefully) in order to celebrate the first issue of Senpai Magazine and to help plan issue #2. Then… hopefully there’s a Renaissance Faire in the near future. I had better get to work on my replacement armor…

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One Response to Update: The Home Front

  1. Heather says:

    Yay for new phone! Iphones seem really really amazing. Hope you get the job, it sounds absolutely perfect for you! Good luck!

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