Tako Sausage

So, here’s some news! Even though I completely failed at making 3-colored dango, I’m actually not that bad at making tako sausage. Tako translates into Japanese as “octopus,” however, these little sausages are far from fishy! They are easy to make using standard cocktail wieners. And they’re as delicious as they are cute!

Since I plan on covering this more in-depth in another publication, here are the simple steps:

1- Get cocktail wieners from your local grocery store (Hillshire Farms and Boars Head both make these)

2- Give the wieners legs! Start by cutting the bottom half of a dog into two slices, then turn it into quadrants, then section it off one more time until you have eight little “legs”

3- Cook! I tried both boiling and frying these little suckers. Boiling is really fast, and it’s neat to see them puff out. It only takes a minute or so before they look like an octopus. Frying also works. It takes slightly longer to cook them, and they’re prone to burning, so be careful! But the heat affects the wieners so that the legs “grow”

And viola! You have a tasty, and adorable, treat! Serving them up with mustard is oh-so-delicious. Maybe serving them on a bed of sauerkraut would be yummy, too…

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3 Responses to Tako Sausage

  1. Heather says:

    CUTE!!!! They look so tasty and adorable. 🙂

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