Update: Princess Buttercup is in the Works!

So, after taking three days to cut out Denya’s McCall’s pattern for her Princess Buttercup gown, I finally got around to pinning and cutting out the fabric last night. The gown will be made of a lovely, shiny, sky-blue satin–hand-picked by Denya herself. However, the fabric must have been an odd size to start with (width-wise) and actually took a bit of puzzling to figure out how to get some of the pattern pieces, which were too wide, to fit. But I think it will all work out in the end.

I’ve only cut the five pieces which make up the core bodice and skirt of the gown, since we’re not entirely sure how the dress will be finished. Denya says that she would like the gown to look like my First Speaker gown. However, the actual Princess Buttercup dress that it is going to be based off of has form-fitting sleeves. Despite this, Denya insists that she is going for a “variation” of Buttercup, since our faithful DM sports a “variation” on the Dread Pirate Roberts outfit. But I suppose it won’t be too difficult to play it by ear.

I’ve just finished stitching up on of the front sides of the dress. So far so good (though I keep my fingers crossed since this is where I made a little mistake on my own dress!). My only complaint, though the fabric itself is gorgeous, is that the fabric is a bit difficult to work with. The nice think about the moleskin/microsuede that I used for my gown was that it “stuck” to itself. Satin? Yup, it slides around and doesn’t like to stay put. Also, the edges are prone to fraying, and while I’m sewing I noticed that the fabric seems to be prone to “running” (ie, the needle keeps catching lines of thread in the actual fabric, pulling it and making lines). Despite that, I still think it’s going to be a lovely gown, and I’ve already started to come up with ideas of interesting ways to finish it off, based on my experience with the first dress I made.

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