So, I’m completely bogged down with commissions for custom-crafted armor and costumes! Yeah, ok, I’m lying. But I sure would like to have some work come my way!

I’ll be moving home in a few days, and I only have Denya’s Princess Buttercup dress to keep me busy! After that’s finished, it’s full speed ahead into making twin Zelda and Dark Zelda outfits in time for… Thanksgiving. So yeah, I have a bit of time on my hands. I’m up for a challenge. And though I can’t promise that I’m capable of doing everything, I could at least take a look at what you want or draw up some sketches and we could go from there and see if it could be done!

Oh, and Saber’s brown dress is also in the lineup.

And so is a redo of my paladin armor, since the season is over in which I could wear the original. I’m actually hoping that I might be able to rope Avoree in for some help with this…

1- Princess Buttercup (for Denya)
2- Dark Princess Zelda (for Denya)
3- Princess Zelda (personal)
4- Saber’s Brown Dress (personal)
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