A Recent Conversation for our Fantasy Picnic…

This is what’s been going on on our Fantasy Picnic Facebook event in the past few days…

Denya: I dunno, maybe i’ll pick some berries or something…
Ari: Ooh, strawberries! And cream, yum ^.^
Denya: No elf we don’t do cream..just berries
Ari: No cream? What’s wrong with you people!?
Ari: ‎^.^
Denya: Sugar junkie…
Ari: Am not! Sugar just keeps me going…. *takes out vial of honey and begins to chug*
Ari: Are pixie sticks really made of pixies? I thought that poaching them was illegal!?
Denya: No it’s synthetic pixie dust. No pixies are harmed when making it.
Ari: What is this… “synthetic”? Silly human word?
Denya: You know just because it’s human doesn’t mean it has to be silly..I think that sounds kinda biased
Ari: Hey, us elves were doing just fine before you humans came along… cutting down our trees, killing our animals, making up words…
Denya: You know just because you don’t understand the word isn’t our fault. Obviously your frozen societal limitations can’t grasp such new things..it’s ok.
Ari: But… what did the trees ever do to YOU?
Denya: I’m not talking about the trees.. you had to cut down trees in order to put up your cities as well, we just populate so much faster than you we need more room at a faster rate, thus more trees are cut down.. i don’t like it either trust me. Anyways, I was talking about language and not accepting new ideas and words.
OOC: And why are we not arguing this on the blog!?

IC: Well, Elvish is so much prettier! Your silly common tongue took me fifty years to learn because it’s so messed up. And you wonder why I don’t appreciate new words? Us elves have our vocabulary and we stick to it!

Denya: You just validated my point of elves not being open to new things and new challenges…it’s kinda sad actually

OOC: You started it with your pixie sticks comment.
2 hours ago

Ari: OOC: ‘Cause pixie sticks are awesomeness!
IC: Not open to new things and challenges? Maybe if more of you humans opened yourselves up to the ‘challenge’ of celibacy, you wouldn’t need to cut down the forests so fast!
Ari: ^.^ teehee
Denya: hahahahaha hey having relations with a man does not always resort in children..I’m no mom. Besides we have to have so many kids your older than I’ll ever live to be and our infant mortality rate is pretty high. I’ve seen many a baby and mother die in child birth..
Ari: OOC: And still, WHY is this not being discussed on my blog? -.-
Denya: heheh your no fun you could always copy and paste it into your blog for safe keeping if your so inclined

And so, I did…

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