Plug: Senpai Magazine

Do you love anime? Do you adore good cosplay? Are video games your bread and butter? Do you use manga as your research paper topics? Then I have a magazine for you!

Listen up, folks! Senpai Magazine‘s premier issue will be out in just a few short weeks, and it’s certainly something to get excited about! Compiled by a group of friends who are all avid fans of the anime, manga, and video game scene, Senpai is slated to be the hottest new anime magazine of the year.

Starting up as a quarterly magazine and hoping to go bi-monthly in the near future, Senpai Magazine features articles and stories focused on the “older” generation of anime fans, who not only grew up with the hobby but kept up with it into their more adult years. Each issue will focus on stories from the anime community, including new and old anime, manga, and video games, cosplays to die for, convention coverage from across the country, current events, and even specialty stories served up by the brilliant minds of the magazine staff itself!

With the first issue premiering just a few weeks from now, be sure to check out Senpai‘s website and sign up for mailings! You won’t want to miss the chance to be one of the first subscribers. Believe me, your friends will be jealous!

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2 Responses to Plug: Senpai Magazine

  1. Since when could we ever go to a twice a month magazine that would be insane. But yes that’s a wonderful plug aside from that:-D

    • paladinari says:

      Griswold thinks that it would be nice if we could all have this as our permanent jobs. To do that, we need to put out the magazine more than just quarterly. Probably… *shrug*

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