Slight Obsession?

Since yesterday morning, I have been obsessively scouting around the Internet for ball jointed dolls. I was so inspired to want to get one after seeing the beautiful ones at the cosplay picnic. But unfortunately, they’re extremely expensive. It also doesn’t help that I have no idea what I’m looking at in terms of the quality of the doll. I’ve been focusing more on the look of the face (since I know that the eyes and hair can be changed) and whether or not it has elf ears (guess who I want to make a BJD of?).

One doll that I found is up on eBay right now and is located over in the UK. He doesn’t have elf ears, but then, I don’t really care about making a male elf. Blonde and beautiful, apparently his name is “Bin” (unless that’s his model name, in which case I stand corrected). At the moment, there are six days left of bidding on him, and he is currently going for about $32 USD. Unfortunately, the person who listed the auction didn’t provide any information as to how much it would cost to ship him to the US. Not only is his price right right now (as in, he’s cheap enough that if I did something wrong and he… um… broke, I wouldn’t feel AS bad… though I would still feel terrible and broken myself), I also just fell in love with his friendly face. And, he’s huge! I mean height-wise, of course, at 24in. (though if you look at pictures of him, he’s posed like that for a reason…).

But the doll that I’ve really fallen in love with I actually found out on the Internet. Looking up female BJDs with elf ears, I came across the Mei Elf Girl. At 42cm, she’s beautiful and delicate looking with soft features and a somber, yet inquisitive look about her. I immediately saw Ari in her (though I would need to change the wig and eyes) and think that she’s simply stunning. To be honest, compared to other dolls out there, her price is also “stunning.” At $140, the site that the Mei doll is located on also offers payment plans for your doll. You won’t receive your doll until it’s paid off, but once you put down the first payment, they’ll hold it for you. You can either pay in full up front, pay 20% now and the rest when the doll is ready to ship (which might be in quite a few weeks, since they’re custom), or split it up into 3 or 4 payments. It’s very, very tempting to want to get her. Unfortunately, without a job, it would be borderline foolish at the moment. But she’s so pretty… And she looks like she wants a home… *sob*

I even have Griswold and Auerion looking at dolls right now (to help create various characters). Oh, but why must they be so expensive!?!? -.-

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6 Responses to Slight Obsession?

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  3. paladinari says:

    I just heard that in order to ship “Bin” it would cost about 37USD. Combine that with what he costs right now and what he will probably cost in a few days, and I would probably be better served just getting “Mei”.

  4. Because you want one is why they are expensive

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