UNYCosplay Picnic 2010

Ok, here goes!

Off on a scenic adventure!

On Friday, Denya and Rayna and myself took a road trip up to Saratoga Springs, NY, for UNYCosplay’s annual Cosplay Picnic. We left in the afternoon and had a lovely drive up through Connecticut and Massachusetts before finally stopping for the night around Albany, NY. The drive was very scenic, but it got a bit wearisome at times to be driving on all of the backwater roads with, literally, no civilization around for miles. We stopped for a bit at an outlet mall for dinner around 7ish. And then we arrived at our hotel at around

Rayna: "The walls have... ears!"

9:30 at night, where we proceeded to be freaked out by the walls (they had ears!) but comforted by the snuggly soft beds. And then it was lights out.

On Saturday morning, we rose early to partake in the hotel’s continental breakfast. It was nothing special and the coffee was stale. But it was “free” and it filled up our tummies so that we were set to meet the day! After breakfast, all of us got into our outfits and then we headed out the door to make the final half an hour leg of our journey up to Saratoga. Denya went to

This dog was very interested in kimono kitty!

the picnic disguised as a kimono kitty, and Rayna went to the picnic dressed as a wood elf. I’m not entirely sure what I was supposed to be. Originally, I was going to be some sort of elf mage, but I think that halfway through the picnic I turned back into Ari. Go figure.

The cosplay picnic itself lasted from 10AM-4PM and was jam-packed with really friendly cosplayers who made us “out-of-towners” feel welcome! The Upstate New York Cosplay Society (UNYCosplay) has been having this picnic for a few years now, and it continues to grow from year to year. Events were varied, so there was definitely something fun for everyone!

Aside from all of the lovely foods that people brought to the picnic, there were homemade piñatas in the shape of pokémon, an ongoing coloring contest, and a volleyball net and beachball set up for

Iron Cosplay: Pirate (left) vs. Ninja

outdoor fun. I also got to watch an “iron cosplay” challenge, where teams had to create a cosplay outfit for a member of their team to wear from assorted findings, such as pie tins, wrapping paper, and plastic baskets.

I also met another elf there, Avelis, who was running a series of boffer battles at the event. He was very friendly and liked to climb trees, and he and I had a jam session with me on the ocarina and him on his flute. Of course, however, he tried to kill me in the end. Oh well. I don’t think he meant it.

There was also a swap meet that the members set up towards the end of the day where people put out everything from manga to DVDs to posters and figurines and even cosplay components. Denya

Ok, ok...

and I were weak and bought fabric remnants for future crafting, and we even both bought a pretty pink cosplay dress. I plan on modifying this so that we can both wear

...we were bad!

it. We don’t feel bad about doing this since neither of us can remember what anime it was from. In any case, it’s gorgeous and we look forward to turning it into a chobit dress or spring fairy gown or something…

Spectacularly detailed BJDs!

Finally, we were introduced to what ball-jointed dolls were. They had a meet up at the event so that the dolls could hang out together and socialize. They were absolutely spectacular, and one could really see how much time and care goes into maintaining and caring for these dolls. Needless to say, Denya and I are once again weak and both decided that we want one. Unfortunately, they’re a bit of an expensive hobby. Despite this, I already have a watch on one on eBay that’s going for cheap right now. Not sure how much shipping from the UK would be, though…

At 4PM, we had to say our goodbyes to the club. We were really grateful that they invited us to their picnic and met so many wonderful people! So we’re hoping that we’ll see them again sometime in the near future. Maybe even at a convention?

The drive home to Connecticut was slow and leisurely. Once again, we were enamored with the landscape and nearly caused an accident while we were admiring a rather rustic garage (well, it would have been the other guy’s fault, since he was the one speeding down a country road at 100mph!). But all-in-all, it was a great weekend and a great trip. ^.^

Shigure: "For me!?!?" *insert squee-ing fanboy face here*

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3 Responses to UNYCosplay Picnic 2010

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  2. Krys says:

    The picnic was a lot of fun. I enjoyed talking to you and I loved your costume. It was very pretty.

    I hope that you can come to Anime Boston. We are planning a Type-Moon Meetup which of course includes Fate/Stay Night (http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=206605). Your Saber costume is beautiful 🙂

    • paladinari says:

      Thanks so much ^.^
      I’ll have to get back to you as to whether or not I can actually make it up to Anime Boston (it’s a bit of a drive from Long Island! lol) but I certainly would love to come and be a part of a whole cosplay group. I’ve always wanted to do that, and none of my friends have ever humored me 😀

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