Of Rats and Gowns: Mini Photo Shoot

So sometimes, when it gets late at night, I like to dress up and play with rats. Well no, I really don’t. But I was bored tonight and curious to see how my tabard was really going to look over my First Speaker gown. And since I had nothing better to do, I indulged my curiosity. And played with Ashley, the rat:

The gown/tabard combo from the front. Did I mention that doing this is really hot? With both of the suedecloths layered like this, I think it would be best suited for a faire during a cooler month!

The gown/tabard combo from the back. What I like is that you can't see the lacing up the back of the dress, as the tabard completely covers it. I think it gives it a very neat and tidy appearance.

Ashley playing on my arm. I was so worried about her scratching the satin, but she was a good girl!

Ashley in her ball... and me staring at her creepily...

Just sittin' pretty on the floor... ^.^

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