Tabard Update

At this point, the sewing on the tabard itself is complete. The hood and lining is now all poised to be fitted with snaps so that the hood can be detachable. And I just played dress-up to see how it’s all going to look. All I can say is that it’s amazing what a new “shirt” can do for some existing costume pieces. The following is basically Ari without armor and corset. I wonder if I used this with the armor if it would look just as cool? Maybe corset as more of a summer look, and the tabard shirt as more of a spring/fall look? Hm…

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6 Responses to Tabard Update

  1. oh my gosh this is ironic, I’ve been looking to make a tabard for myself but couldn’t find any patterns that would be flattering for a female form (basically a large rectangle sack) and had drawn out something very similar to this. then as I’m slowly working my way back through your blog I stumble upon this! I’m glad to see it worked for you (gives me hope that maybe it’ll work for me).
    I read your earlier post about using a dress pattern and modifying it, might I ask what pattern it was you used?

    • paladinari says:

      Believe it or not, it’s the McCall’s 4491 pattern, which is a pattern for a long Medieval gown. I’ve ended up using the base pattern for a lot of things besides that dress (the tabard, an armor jacket, my newest gambeson….) The difference between the tabard and the dress is that the dress is supposed to lace up the back. By doubling over the pattern in the back, minus the extra fabric which would have been used for lacing, I was able to make it a solid piece with lacing on the side. This can also be done if you want to lace up the front by ignoring the “place pattern on fold” direction and just cutting two pieces.

      • That’s just freaky, that’s the dress I’m making currently! So I don’t suppose I have to buy the pattern a second time and depending on how it fits I’ll know what size to make the tabard. I like the lacing on the side look, it’s what I’d drawn out originally. That way I can put my house crest on the back as well as the front if I’m feeling particularly enthusiastic with my sewing that day. Thanks for the instruction about what you changed, it’ll be my first time changing a pattern so it should be exciting.

  2. paladinari says:

    Hooray, and thanks for the feedback! I’m very excited to have the chance to wear the tabard on Saturday. It’s very comfortable, and certainly not the weirdest thing I could make the 3.5 hour drive home in (though I might want to take the ears off…)

  3. Heather says:

    The tabard looks amazing! The front shot of you makes you look fierce! great job.

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