Possible Mix and Match?

I just finished sewing the sides up on my tabard and was just checking it out in the mirror when I noticed my Speaker dress hanging behind the door. Since the tabard and the dress are made of the same fabric, I decided to humor myself and slip the tabard over the dress to see what it looked like.
Well… wow. I think that it actually adds a little something to the dress! It makes it look very regal and formal, and the little hints of blue here and there really add some pop. Of course, the tabard also looks excellent by itself, just wearing it as a shirt.
I finished sewing up the hood for the tabard earlier, but haven’t attached it yet. And now that I’ve seen the tabard over the dress, I’m wondering if I should make the hood detachable to create more of a mix and match option for wearing the tabard with the dress? Then, that would create so many more options. And the tabard/dress combo would be nice to wear in the colder weather, as it would be sure to keep my core warm!
Any thoughts on creating a detachable hood as opposed to a permanent one?

Tabard Front

Tabard Back

Tabard and Dress Front

Tabard and Dress Back

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One Response to Possible Mix and Match?

  1. I think buttons would be fine, some pretty silver or blue ones, if you want it to look really nice get actual like silver Celtic knot ones or something so it is prettiness.I would think to put the buttons on the hood and the holes on the shirt part otherwise the buttons will be against your neck all the time when you don’t have the hood on.

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