So, it looks as though the Fellowship of the Dagger is slated to go on… no, not a quest. A picnic! Possibly next weekend, Griswold, Denya, Auerion, the Dread Pirate Roberts, Nightpanther, and possibly even Rayna will head out to the park, where we will proceed to LARP through the campgrounds and take super awesome action shots of ourselves which will later be made even cooler via Photoshop.
Of course, all that traipsing through the forest is bound to make us hungry, so there needs to be food involved. And that’s why we need a picnic. Or, that’s why we need rations.
So in my quest for rations, I came across two interesting websites. I’m now seriously considering making lambas bread for our adventures, but we’ll have to see (after the failed dango, I don’t know if I can risk it).

First up, we have Food in a Fantasy World. This gives some kind of indication as to what different people in these fantasy worlds would haven. For example, did you know that Elves are quite partial to fish? It’s true! Fish can, apparently, always be found on an Elven table. And not only that, even though Elves don’t raise domestic animals for food, it’s also not uncommon to find meat on their tables either, contrary to popular opinion.

Second up, we have Middle-earth Recipes. These are a collection of recipes that the Humans, Hobbits, Elves, Dwarves, and even Orcs of Middle Earth would have used to create their day-to-day diet. One of my favorite recipes is the one for Ten Cup Ranger Cookies. What makes them ten cup cookies? Well, each measurement is only for a cup. Because a Ranger would only have one cup out on the field. And when a Ranger wants cookies, they had better be able to be accurately measured!

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  1. So cute I cant wait to see what you make

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