Elf Tabard

I’m kind of sleepy right now, and in a nervous kind of mood, what with interviews and such. But I think it’s important to log what I’ve been doing, costume-wise.
Denya and Rayna and I are going to a “cosplay picnic” this coming Saturday, and I was explicitly advised by Denya that I probably should NOT wear armor, which would draw attention to myself (we’ll be working).
Nevertheless, I still wanted to cosplay in some fashion. So, of course, the most logical choice of action wasn’t to just go simple, but to make an entirely new costume piece to wear.
Right now, I’m in the process of constructing a “tabard” for a random elf character that I have in my mind. It’s not a paladin piece. I actually see it as more of belonging to an archer. But I digress.
I picked up more fabric which is made of the same blue moleskin that I made my First Speaker gown out of. Then, I began by using the pattern from that dress to create the upper portion from that dress. From there, I cut away sections and am proceeding in the fashion of the tabard featured in my Blood Mage post.
As if it wasn’t confusing enough–taking a full pattern for a dress with a train and modifying it without any real sense of direction–I’m also adding things onto the tabard… like a hood. I don’t know why this needed a hood, but I think that it’s appropriate. Again, maybe for an archer. Though I have no intention of bringing a bow with me…
And, as if the hood wasn’t enough, since I’m lining it with satin, I decided that the hood needed to be made deeper and sport an outer band of moleskin–because satin slides off of my hair, which is rather annoying, and because the moleskin will “stick”. So, that’s even more modification of an already-existing pattern. I got the pattern for the hood from a cloak pattern, by the way. As if that wasn’t confusing enough, the cloak pattern is Simplicity while the dress/tabard pattern is McCalls.
I’m actually almost done with the construction of the tabard, which will basically be worn as a shirt, along with the brown pants and black boots I normally wear for Ari. I really, really think that Ari’s pauldrons and gauntlets would look gorgeous with the tabard (because of the blue). However, in keeping with my promise and in being super sneaky and not drawing attention to myself at the picnic, I might just wear my brown leather bracers. I definitely intend on wearing my sword, though! And elf ears.
So, I think that was my latest project in a nutshell. Hopefully I’ll have pictures up tomorrow of what in the world I’m talking about. And I’ll definitely promise to post pictures of the cosplay picnic after this weekend!

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