Blood Mage Concept Art

As I mentioned yesterday, I have a bit of an idea in my head for one of the costumes I would like to design, create and, ultimately, sell. After watching Dorkness Rising the other night (which is a funny, highly-recommended movie), I was inspired by the character Luster’s interesting–yet rather… ahem… obviously slutty–outfit. This isn’t to say that this is what I want to make. I just really feel like creating a blood red mage outfit.

Which is where I came up with the concept for a “Blood Mage.” And I don’t mean blood elf mage, you Warcraft fans! As far as I can tell, this thing doesn’t exist. It’s just that the phrase brings to mind some wonderfully poetic images that I think would make great soil for an outfit like this to grow from.

In my mind, a “Blood Mage” is all about the battle and all about the color red. He (or more likely “she”) is a fierce and powerful warrior who isn’t content to stand at the back of a party and throw spells. No, they like to be right up close in the thralls of battle… with the blood. In fact, they find it rather enjoyable. This isn’t to say that they’re evil. In fact, I’m not entirely sure if a Blood Mage would be good or evil. I see them as more of a neutral fighter who, perhaps, likes to fight more for the sake of themselves than others. But their hearts are still in the right place. And they like a little blood. So what?

Anyway, that’s about all I have to say about that. In any case, this started to bring to mind my concept for the outfit that a Blood Mage (more specifically, a female Blood Mage) would wear.

It’s a fierce outfit in shades of reds, crimsons, golds, and maybe even some black. It is essentially a full length, blood red gown which has been split down the sides for utility and comfort while horseback riding. Over that, I see a rather intricately decorated gold and crimson tabard which laces up the sides. It is short and tapered in the front while splitting, ribbon-like, in the back. The dress is sleeveless, yet the arms are covered by more intricately decorated, blood red or crimson sleeves with gold detailing. Underneath the gown, the Blood Mage wears black pants which button up the sides, and probably black riding boots of some sort. Complete with her staff of power, the Blood Mage is a formidable and deadly beauteous foe.

Anyway, that’s just the concept. Obviously, I haven’t colored in the concept sketch yet. What I’d like now is some feedback on design and such, and then I’ll continue to add to the sketch until I get a final concept. So, are there any ideas?

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3 Responses to Blood Mage Concept Art

  1. I love it..It made me think of the ranger outfit I’ve always wnated..although it looks really nothing like that it made me think of it anyways But I think they looks good as a concept except she should have a belt with pouches and bottles for all of her magical workingness and scrolls

    • paladinari says:

      Hm… that’s a good idea. Either we’ll have to figure out how to make one, or I’ll have to figure out how to cheaply assemble one from stuff found online. After all, I want to be able to sell a whole costume set of something (which would be helpful for the person buying the costume, and would also justify us being able to sell it for more ^.^*)

  2. Heather says:

    I really like this outfit. I believe that it’ll be really popular! Love it and want to see what the colors will look like. Good luck!

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