Today’s Shopping List

Good morning, everyone. So I’m up and dressed and ready to head out the door. Today, I’m going to head over to Joann’s (ohmygoodnesswhyagain!?!?) for a few supplies and fabrics. Then when I get back, hopefully I’ll have a few things that I can start making to post up in the Treasury.

First and foremost, I need to get some sewing machine oil. After Ari’s First Speaker gown and Griswold’s doublet and hat (which I still need to post pictures of!), my machine is feeling a little under the weather. I’m not entirely sure how to oil my machine, but hey, it can’t be THAT hard, right? (I already foresee an accident or two).
Next, I’m going to go look at fabric and notions. Particularly, I need to pick up a few small parts for the dice bags I plan on making. Auerion was a very good sport last night and let me play the market research game with him, so he’ll be getting a discount on my first off the line dice bags. But the rest of you will probably be able to pick them up off of me for a similarly cheap price. Keep checking the store!
I also want to pick up some fabric for my latest costumes. Well, I mean, they’re not MY costumes. If I happen to see the type of fabric that Denya wants her Princess Buttercup dress made out of (a type of silk that I still can’t remember the name of, but I know what it looks like so how hard can that be?) I guess I’ll get that.
Aside from that, I have an idea for a full costume that I would like to sell in the Treasury. The concept is in my mind, so I’ll probably put up fashion sketches of it onto my blog soon. The costume will be made in size 10, but I plan on having it sport a bit of wiggle room so that it can be adjusted to possibly fit up to a 14. Be sure to check back soon on what this outfit will look like. It’s sure to knock you all dead!

(I need a life, I know *sigh*)

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2 Responses to Today’s Shopping List

  1. What are you talking about…this is your life. Your heading down the road of the not normal way of making a living but that is generally a lot more fun(and sometimes more stressful b/c you are the boss) 😀

    • paladinari says:

      Oh goodness. If my parents found out I was seriously considering crafting for a living… there’d be hell to pay!

      By the way, I stopped by the silks at Joanns and figured out what you were talking about fabric-wise. Um… unless you’re comfortable with spending $19.99/yard, I would probably think it over. There are some very nice (and cheaper) alternatives in very lovely blue/silvers, and not too shiny. I think we just need to put our heads together and find something just as lovely… yet much cheaper!

      Also by the way, I thoroughly expect you to help me with my costume designs. My idea for the newest costume (to sell, not for me) is based on the phrase “Blood Mage”. I don’t know why, I’m just dying to make a blood-red dress. So, what comes to mind when you think of that? Think the dress design itself, the accessories, the fabrics, etc. ^.^

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