Would the Real Princess Zelda Please Stand Up?

In case no one out there has noticed by now, I don’t really talk about video games that much. That’s because I didn’t grow up playing them. My parents had an Atari when we were growing up, but it mostly just sat down in the basement collecting dust. Then when my sister was old enough to know what video games were, she begged for a Nintendo 64 for Christmas. We had about eight games. After that, we got a GameCube and had about five games. And… well… that’s about what I knew about insofar as video games were concerned while growing up.

Today, I’m living with a guy who plays video games quite regularly. Honestly, though, I can’t stand sitting here and watching him play. I really have no appreciation for the repetitive music, sometimes mundane plotlines (Fighter A must defeat Fighter B!), and rather hyper-sexualized women. So, to be truthful, I probably won’t be too apt to run out and get the newest videogame and want to cosplay as the heroine anytime soon.

Princess Zelda A

One exception to this comes in the form of one of my favorite video game characters, Link’s lovely Princess Zelda. I really don’t know what the plot of any of the games are. I have no idea what “Hyrule” is. And that stupid little fairy annoys me.

But, HEY! LISTEN! I really like Princess Zelda’s outfit. I was introduced to it in Super Smash Bros., and it’s been something I’ve wanted to cosplay for a long time. Well, that and Zero Suit Samus (because I’ve got the hair for it). But since I don’t feel like squeezing myself into a skin-tight blue suit (though I know where to find one, if anyone’s interested), Princess Zelda is a suitable and very-agreeable alternative.

Dark Zelda

And, her cosplay would serve a purpose. As Denya and I were speaking last night, we decided that it would be really neat to go to our next convention dressed as Zelda and “Dark Zelda” (fan derivative). This would mean that I would dress up as Zelda, and Denya would go as Dark Zelda. This was very exciting for me, as it’s a cosplay I’ve always wanted to try, and because I’m still looking for a job and would like to sew something else.

I have a few reference pictures. Denya sent me what she found as a base for what Dark Zelda would look like, and I have two reference pictures that I like for regular Zelda. But I can’t decide which one to go with. Also, since Dark Zelda is made up, it would be neat to get some solid input on what we think should go into that costume.

Princess Zelda B

I’d like to make the costumes at the same time so that they look like twins. This would mean getting the same fabric in different colors and making two sets of armor and jewelry… all in two completely different sizes (I’m a little short, compared to our lovely Denya!).

So, do any of my loyal (and probably nonexistent) fans out there have any input/suggestions about these outfits? I’d love to hear it!

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2 Responses to Would the Real Princess Zelda Please Stand Up?

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  2. Well Zelda B looks much like Twilight Princess Zelda form the art on the mid panel and the darker colors in that panel as well. I think Zelda A with the lighter colors would have a better contrast to the Dark Zelda. And it’s classic in it’s form and would go better with your blond hair.
    By the way The fairy ANNOYS ALL! I should bring Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time over for you to play..it’s what got me hooked on Zelda games..and I’ve played it a zillion times so if you just want to see the storyline it actually doesn’t take me too long to run through the game. Plus you could do sewingness and just stop at the important parts to watch if you’d like:-D

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