The Paladin Treasury

Hello everyone! I’m happy to announce that The Paladin Project now has its very own shop on Etsy: The Paladin Treasury!

Though the Treasury is empty right now, I plan on filling it up with goodies really soon. But I need your help! Please feel free to give me some feedback as to what you’d like to see end up in the Treasury.

Eventually, I’m hoping to offer some static pieces (such as things that I can make quickly and throw up originals of) as well as commission works which I would do on an as-requested basis. But again, I’ll only put up what you’d like to see!

So what will it be? Twisted purses or dice bags? Custom braided circlets? Small armor pieces? Or would anyone be interested in commissioning a larger armor piece? Or costume? Or prop? I’ll let the fans decide, so just tell me what you’re interested in! (I might even let the first people who commission some work have a bit of a discount *wink*)

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One Response to The Paladin Treasury

  1. I would put this blog post up in the shop atleast the part about what would you like to see and commission so people can ask for things in the future as you have stuff. I think you should sell circlets for sure yours was gorgeous. You could show the original armor of both Ari and Saber is pieces and as a whole as a custom work to your size (with info on how long it would probably take, etc.) as well as possibly your dress with the same things of custom to your size and requested color scheme.(I’d even give various prices depending on a range of fabrics types). I’d also do Griswold’s costume and hat with the same above suggestions of custom work per order. I’d probably make a few circlets and other jewelry pieces already made that you can see on a regular basis as well as have a custom tag line in each of the listings for those who want that instead of the original being sold. That’s my input for now 😀

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