Preview: 8-3-2010

I’m not going to do it now, because I feel like I spent my entire day staring at a computer screen and really just want to close my eyes, lie down, and make the pain go away. But I was perusing tonight for fun and just happened to realize the line that has been severely blurred between what is “cosplay” and what is “steampunk”. This inspired me to write an article, which I will do tomorrow when I can stare at a computer screen without my head hurting:

Why “Steampunk” is NOT “Cosplay”

Because they’re really two separate things (I feel) and it’s very misleading to have the search engine take you to the lovely works of gears and leather when all you want are some solid cosplay pieces…

So, stay tuned for tomorrow’s article!

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2 Responses to Preview: 8-3-2010

  1. Question? This article of yours sounds like a good article for the magazine, did you ask Griswold about it?

    • paladinari says:

      No, I haven’t seen Griswold since 9AM today. Besides, I could always use my blog as a test case and then publish it in the magazine later. Nothing wrong with that. Also besides, I really just feel like ranting it out: Steampunk is NOT cosplay! >.<*

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