Midsummer Magick Faerie Festival

Yesterday, I stepped into a world that was quite strange. The Seelie and the Unseelie courts had set up a midsummer faerie festival up in Oxford, CT, and allowed common mortals like me to traipse about the faire. This translated into spending a day roaming farmland which had been taken over by women in pretty, shimmery, fae-like outfits and wings. Oh, and some men, too. But mostly, it seemed like an excuse for people to get outside and dress in their fae finest before the end of the season.

And of course, inevitably, the Fellowship of the Dagger found itself wrapped up in the spirit of the day, too. Dressed in our finest, we went out to support the faerie festival.

We’ll begin with me, Ari. By day, I scouted the faire as an armor-clad paladin. In the spirit of the masquerade, I used elf magic to retract my ears and make me appear human, so as to confuse the fae creatures. Sword at my side, I made sure that all the faeries were playing nicely, and that the trolls under the bridge stayed well away from people’s limbs–though he seemed harmless enough so I suppose it was all in good fun to allow him to give them a bit of a scare.

Then by night, at the suggestion of Alnir, I debuted my First Speaker gown–which my companions hadn’t gotten to see me in yet. It went over very well, even though the night had cooled a bit by then and my summer gown was a bit chilly. Yet still, it was a lovely way to spend the evening. And Denya was all dressed up in the gown Alnir had made her, too!

Speaking of Denya, let’s move on to what she wore yesterday. Since we were all trying to fool the faeries and dress up for the festival, Denya gave us all a pleasant surprise when she came out dressed as an adorable Rose Faerie. Cute as a button in her red dress, she skipped about the faire spreading joy to all. Denya’s always been more of a faerie person than me, so I think that she enjoyed the faire a lot more and actually understood what was going on with the different courts. And of course, despite my warnings, she ended up joining up with the Seelie court (as a summer faerie). I’m not sure what good will come from aligning herself with the fae, but I’m glad she had fun.

Griswold was also at the faire, unfortunately. In classic Griswold fashion, he arrived to the faire late. Additionally, he thought he was very cleverly disguised for the festival. Oh yes, he blended right in, as you can see from the picture. Do you see me sighing in aggravation? Yes.

Finally, Auerion was also with us. Looking dashing in his father’s kilt, he wandered about the festival in his normal, curious fashion. There wasn’t a road marked “private” or an area marked “keep out” that was left un-inspected. And even though there were no lupin women around to keep him company, I think that he had a very good time watching the fae women parade around in their outfits.

We also had a guest in our party yesterday! I’m not sure what manner of creature she was, but we were joined by the mysterious woman, Rayna. By day, she was a simple market woman who had an affinity for collecting bags, cute little stuffed animals, and magical sound disks (ie, CDs). But by night, she turned into a rather lovely princess in pink. I think that her wings were invisible, but she definitely turned heads in her pretty lace dress!

There were a lot of things to do and things to see at this faire. Particularly amusing were the shows and performers. We had quite a good time watching the crazy antics of Daniel Greenwolf and Wick–who did everything from performing utterly insane fire stunts to bending spoons to public piercings. There were also a number of talented musicians posted strategically around the faire–everything from fiddlers to harpers to a mermaid who sung soprano. And perhaps one of the most amusing shows we saw were the samurai warriors who tested the audience on the code of the samurai. Auerion ended up dying from one of their “examples”, but it was all in good fun. Oh, and one of the final “shows” we got to see was when we found another kilt-clad man for Auerion to size himself up to. And then… a sexy leg competition ensued! Any input on the winner?

All in all, it was a very good day. However, I believe that we were all rather tired by the end of it. Actually, we were all rather tired by about 5:30PM, but that didn’t stop us from going back to Denya and the DM’s house for some sustenance and refreshments. But I think that this final picture of Denya as a wilting rose faerie illustrates that despite the fun, all good things must come to an end. I guess we’ll just have to return next year. 

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