Find of the Day: Chainmaille

Two years ago at ConnectiCon, I purchased a chainmaille choker for a very reasonable $30 from Michael J. Chainmaille Designs. As it ended up, I began to wear that thing everywhere. So this year at ConnectiCon, I became a returning customer and went back to buy another lovely chainmaille necklace which drapes elegantly over the shoulders and tapers to a V for yet another reasonable price.

Michael J. Chainmaille Designs features a wide assortment of chainmaille jewelry, bags, “clothing”, and, as seen above with the adorable chainmaille bunny, miscellaneous creations of cuteness and wonder. His prices, I’ve found, are very reasonable for the quality of his products, and he’s also willing to take commissions. I also like his design because, unlike other chainmaille sellers who slap together a bunch of aluminum rings of the same size and call it “art”, MJCD utilizes different size rings and different ring materials in order to create his work. He comes highly recommended!

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2 Responses to Find of the Day: Chainmaille

  1. they have a website?

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