Find of the Day: Wedding Cake

So, while playing with eyelets and a hammer and part of my dress, I was watching WE tv’s Top Wedding Cake special where they were voting on and reliving some of the best cakes featured on their show, “Amazing Wedding Cakes”.

When I saw this one, though, I knew I just had to share it as one of the coolest cakes I’ve ever seen. I’d never want one like this, but I still think it’s pretty neat. They began with the bride and groom describing the cake, saying, “The game we like to play has some pretty intricate architecture…”

Game? What game? And when I saw the “architecture”, I immediately knew they meant World of Warcraft and just couldn’t say it on television, probably due to copyright issues. But still, I give this bride and groom credit! They decided to have a wedding cake design inspired by the Blood Elf race. It’s a complete tower, as you can normally see in the game, and was even topped by little Blood Elf miniatures of the bride and groom (not pictured). Very cool, and worthy of Silvermoon City!

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