Dress Rehearsal

Since my dress is pretty much all stitched up and hemmed, and I sewed the insert into the back and the eyelet bands on for lacing… I decided to try on my dress, my shoes, my sleeves (they’re still not finished), and my circlet for fun.

It took me quite a long time to lace myself into my dress, but once I did, I’m happy to report that it pretty much fits perfectly–though I’m not sure I ever reported in my blog that even though I followed the measurement guide set forth by McCalls I was actually the size that I THOUGHT I would be and not the size that McCalls thought I would be, so my dress is really too small and needed to be altered. And with the shoes and everything… ooh, it’s pretty. I feel very elf-like in the dress. And the fabric is so soft… and WARM (>.<* oh well…)

On the down side, my dress is near impossible to get back out of. Since I laced it up first before I slipped it over my head, of course it didn't want to go in reverse when I tried to take it off. After about 15 minutes of adjusting and wiggling, though, I was able to back it up and put it on the hanger. Mission accomplished!

Now, all I need to do is finish figuring out how the sleeves will fit into this. I decided to play with the pattern a little and create the bottom part of the sleeve (the bell) but not actually add in the top part of the sleeve that extends from the shoulder. First of all, I thought that this would be too hot. Second, I didn't really feel like taking the chance that the thick fabric might not want to be made into a sleeve that bends. So, I thought it might look pretty for my shoulders to be left open and for the bottom part of the sleeve to extend down on a band or something. I still haven't decided if I will attach this band to the actual dress in some way or have them tie on.

Also, even though I know this might be going a bit nuts, I've begun work on a kind of undershirt out of a shiny white chiffon. This will basically just be the top part of the dress made out of the chiffon that I can choose to wear with the dress if I'd like to add more of a layering effect. Then, the blue sleeves would be worn over the white.

So, for those of us who like to play mix and match dress up, this would essentially make it so that my dress can be worn four different ways:

1) Blue dress (no sleeves, no undershirt)
2) Blue dress and sleeves (no undershirt)
3) Blue dress and undershirt (no sleeves)
4) Blue dress and sleeves and undershirt (awesome!)

I'm hoping to have the dress finished by tomorrow at the latest so that I can get to work on my super secret sewing project *wink*. Wish me luck!

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