Last night, I tried bending the wires together in the manner that I saw the circlets look online. Well, for the record, it’s harder than it looks! Or, I just chose the wrong material. Because my fingers really hurt from my efforts.

I began by twisting a few of the strands together to hold them in some sort of uniform order. And then I tried to make a six strand braid. But this began to look rather silly and I couldn’t get the weave tight enough. I think what would have really helped me last night is if I had a vice to hold the end in, but of course I don’t.

Then, after a bit of dabbling and destroying of metal, I finally cut the strands off and began again. This time, I twisted three strands together and just tried to make a simple braid. But again, it came out too loose. Also, it’s very difficult to make anything that is evenly woven.

Finally, I tried one last time to make a braid with the remaining wire and actually managed to create something that looked semi… useful. I’m not extremely happy with the weave, as it’s very uneven. Yet it has kind of an organic charm to it that makes it look like vines, or something. And since if I were to un-weave it it would be useless, I might as well use it. Also, once I add pearls and other decorations, you won’t be able to notice how messy it is, anyway. I hope.

But anyway, weaving 16 gauge copper wire together hurts! I lost all feeling in my thumbs for hours, and this morning they’re still sore! It really makes me miss working with razor sharp aluminum…

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