Critical Fail

So I went to Joann’s Fabrics today. Not for rivets, for once. But rather for a possible alternative to sleeve fabric, fabric for lining, thread, grommets/eyelets, and stuff to make my new circlet.

It was a rather annoying experience, to say the least. I’m not sure what it was–whether the time of day or the fact that it’s summer–but the store was packed. It took me twice as long to get anywhere near where I wanted to be, and everyone was taking their sweet time perusing the sections. Yes, I know that sounds kind of stuck up of me to say so. But I kind of had somewhere to be at 4:00, and they weren’t helping me get in, get what I want, and be on my way.

I hit the red tag section first, hoping to come across some sort of white… something. Nothing. Nothing interesting. Nothing useful. And it was just regular red tag clearance, so there was no additional mark down.

So I thought, ok, I’ll just go and try the regular aisles.

Fail. Nothing good was on sale, and I didn’t really manage to find anything that spoke to me… and was in my budget. One day–one day!–perhaps the bridal fabrics would be superb for what I wanted to achieve. They were actually on sale for 30% off. However… they’re expensive to begin with, so forget that.

Oh, and let’s not forget to mention that entire section looks like it’s been rearranged since I was there last. I couldn’t find any of the fabrics in the sections that I knew them to be in, and when I did find what I wanted the tags above them were out of order so you couldn’t find anything at the price that it actually was. So: Fail.

I also tried to get more of the thread I’ve been using in this project. I brought my bobbin with me so that I could match up the color, since putting the spool on my sewing machine ruined the original tag that actually said what color it was. I was just beginning to start searching for a match, when these pushy lady quilters decided that their projects were more important. So… forget that. Fail.

So I decided to go down the notions aisle to look for grommets or eyelets. I really wanted grommets, but they’re a little more expensive and they don’t come in a very large pack (I need 22 of something). You can buy eyelets in 100 packs at a very reasonable price. But when I went to find them… they were all out and I had to resign myself to pay more for the eyelet starter kit which has the setting tools and only 26 eyelets in it. I should point out that I didn’t need the setting tools since I had my original tools from the armor project. More fail.

However, I did have some luck in the jewelry department. Nearly everything in the jewelry department is 40% off right now, so it’s a very good time to get findings and things. One of the projects I plan to do in conjunction with the gown is creating a new circlet to wear. I’ll post reference pictures and progress pictures of this very soon. But long story short, I was at least able to get wire, pearls, and a Swarovsky crystal droplet… on sale. My only fail moment is the fact that I had to get three spools of wire at only 7ft a spool because they were all out of the single spool of wire that is 10 yards a spool. But still, I’m happy it was all on sale.

But that doesn’t redeem Joann’s for being a fail store today! Meh! >.<*

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