Braided Circlet

Well, only since I mentioned it–and since I’m very bored here at the library–I’ll post some reference pictures of what I mean by a braided circlet.

I absolutely love the ornate, woven circlets that you see the elves wear in Lord of the Rings. However, they might be a bit too ornate for Ari, who is simply a lady and the First Speaker of her house. Since she’s not royalty, I don’t think she would need something as fancy as a crown or gaudy tiara. However, I would think that someone with the privilege of her position would wear something to mark her status at formal events and such.

Of course though, if we backtrack and think about the character, someone like Ari probably could care less about formalities, frivolities, frills, and proper festive attire. Though, if we take into consideration that Alnir would probably settle for nothing less than the best for his family, Ari probably wouldn’t have much of a choice but to go with the flow.

In any case, I thought that something simpler would be appropriate with minimal adornment. That’s why I thought a simple woven circlet would be perfect. Like these:

I feel like they look simple enough that I can make it myself (compared to how much it would cost to buy one). I bought 16 gauge copper wire (colored silver) for the weaving. I haven’t decided if I want to attempt a three strand braid or a four strand yet, since I think they would both be lovely. Once that’s done, I also bought little seed pearls (ie, very tiny pearls, about the size of a pin head) that I plan on inserting into spaces with very fine wire. Then, I got a plain Swarovsky drop crystal which I thought might make a nice central adornment. And I always have the larger pearls that I used for Ari’s earrings that I could use as well.

In any case, it will be nice to get back to metal work. Even if it’s only jewelry.

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