Find of the day: Color

Happy Monday morning, everyone! And what a lousy morning it is. It’s raining out, and thundering and lightning something awful and I’m so worried that another tornado is going to come ripping through Bridgeport like it did a few weeks ago.
So, to cheer myself up and offer myself a challenge, I decided to play around with color online so that I could show all of you the colors I will be using in my dress. Granted, I’m sitting in my apartment on a non-sunny day in horrible lighting trying to do this, but I think I got pretty accurate.
While looking around online for color swatches, I came across this neat website that is actually for weddings. They feature a line of swatches by Pantone, which, according to the Pantone website, is the “world-renowned authority on colour”.
So, there are 194 color swatches available through this wedding website. The idea is, for $10 you buy a huge swatch. And when it comes to you, you can divide it up into 14 smaller swatches so that you can give it to all of the color-dependent members of your wedding party: such as the invitation designer, the cake decorator, and the bridesmaids. That way, everyone is on the same foot… color-wise, that is.
In any case, it is also useful for bloggers like me who would like to show all of you what colors I chose for my elf gown. Granted, as I said, I’m sitting here freaking out about the weather in horrible lighting conditions. Also, depending on your computer, they may look differently than they do on my mac (which is built for color). But here they are, and they should be very close:

This is the color for the main dress. It is a beautiful moleskin suede which is very soft to the touch.

And this is the color for the lower sleeve of the dress which will trail and look lovely. It is a lightweight, low sheen satin.

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One Response to Find of the day: Color

  1. yay for dress!! That website should be useful come my wedding for the bridesmaids to get there dresses in the color I want.

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