Fabric Wonderland

Yesterday, Denya and I went fabric shopping so that I could begin Ari’s First Speaker gown. However, I’m not blogging about it until late tonight since we then played D&D afterwards (in which I kicked some serious butt, but that’s for another post!).
We weren’t entirely sure what to get fabric-wise, so we decided to check out some new stores before ending up at Joann’s: Our “mother ship”. First, we began at a discount fabric store right here in Bridgeport. After all, I’ve never sewed any large projects, so it wouldn’t make sense to begin with fabric that was expensive!
There was actually a very nice selection of fabric at the first store we tried. However, nothing really “spoke” to me as what I wanted to get. I had taken a small scrap of the blue satin with me that I had originally bought, since I intend to use it for the bottom sleeves, to match up to new fabrics. There were some good matches. However, I really wanted to avoid using more satin since I think that something too shiny would just be too “cheap” for what an elf would wear. We did end up finding something that was a very nice, dark blue velvet. However, it was a bit stretchier than we thought would be wise for a first sewing project. We also found some gorgeous drapery fabrics (which would have been fine fabric for a formal elf gown) with some wonderful Celtic/renaissance patterns in them. However, patterns are also tricky to use for a first sewing project.
Eventually, we left and went to Milford where Joann’s is. But before we went there, we decided to check out another discount fabric store on the way. This one, unfortunately, specialized in upholstery fabric. Again, it would have been nice fabric for a formal elf gown. And a lot of them also would have lent themselves very well to lolita skirts as well (again, for a later blog post). But still, I didn’t fall in love with anything. And it was also way too expensive.
Finally, we ended up at Joann’s and high-tailed it to the red tag section. This is basically a section piled high with fabrics that they want to get rid of, for whatever reason, and have marked down. And sometimes, like yesterday, the already marked down prices go on sale for 50% off the clearance price.
Long story short, after some searching, I ended up falling in love with a fabric. The best way to describe it is a periwinkle blue moleskin fabric. Moleskin is basically a cotton that feels suede-like, so it’s a bit heavier. But it’s wonderfully soft, both to the touch and to the eyes. It looks gorgeous next to the light blue satin, and it’s not too stretchy so it should be easy to work with. Or at least that’s the plan.
To continue, I spent the entire day today with Denya, with culminated in the two of us standing in her kitchen until 10:30 pinning the pattern to the moleskin fabric. I started cutting out some of the pattern pieces, but I still have a ways to go. However, without hemming it, and with a long train, I can already tell that this is going to either be gorgeously or foolishly long for me. I’m still not sure. It’ll be fun to find out!

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  1. Wooooo….sleepy time now!!

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