Find of the day: Animal armor

Today, I bring you a lovely collection cat and mouse armor, hand crafted by a Canadian artist. So for those of you out there who have dreamed of throwing a heavily-armored mouse at a heavily-armored cat just for the sheer curiosity of seeing who would win, this is your lucky day! From knight to gladiator to samurai designs, now you can armor your very own cat or mouse starting at the low, low price of just $500!

(I still totally plan on creating rat armor one of these days, by the way. We’ll have Rat Wars yet!)

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2 Responses to Find of the day: Animal armor

  1. paladinari says:

    Chi is the hamster. Chai is the rat. Did we tell you that Chai and Ashley bet that Chi tastes like Cheerios? They had a lot of fun playing with her the other night!

  2. I’m not sure if Ashley, Chi, Freya or Emily would really want pieces of metal strapped to them..Especially Freya, she’d just freak out like she did when we came home was funny and yet not at the same time..

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