Making Alnir Happy…

As we all know, in our Dungeons and Dragons game I play an Elf named Ari. She’s a paladin, so I always assumed that she was a bit more practical than the typical female elf. I imagine that she’s very much a “tomboy” type, and probably shuns and frills and decoration of what a female elf would normally wear. And I also imagine that when she needs to dress like her “well born lady” self, she probably looks very uncomfortable–as though she can’t wait to take it off and put on her leather and britches once more.
However, Ari also has a cousin, Alnir, who is famous for making fabulous clothing for the Whisperwind family. So with Ari’s never wanting to dress the part (and never being home to dress the part) I imagine that Alnir gets a bit sad at times about not being able to dress up his favorite cousin. Though… I’m not really sure if the DM made it clear whether or not Ari is Alnir’s favorite cousin or one of his only cousins. I assume the Whisperwind household is jam-packed of pretty Elf people for Alnir to play dress up with.
In any case, I thought I would make a post to make Alnir happy. As we all know, I’m going to be attempting to make a gown for the upcoming faerie ball. It’s meant to represent something that my character would wear when she’s forced to dress up.
The pattern I plan on using is McCall’s 4491, which is basically a princess fit gown with a train and angel sleeves (bottom right):

Originally, I was going to use Simplicity’s 4940. But I like the spirit of the McCall’s costume better, and it looks more accurate and actually allows for a lace up the back.
Right now, I have a pretty blue/silver satin that I thought would work very nicely for something that Ari would wear. If I remember that she’s a Moon Elf and her house colors are blue and silver… then yes, it makes sense. However, I don’t have enough satin to make an entire dress, due to a mess up at JoAnn’s. So I would probably have to switch off with another type of fabric to make an entire dress using it. Or, I would have to choose an entirely different fabric altogether.
So, let’s make Alnir happy here:
Does anyone have any good ideas for colors, types of fabric, design, trim, finishing touches, etc. for an elf? I think it would just be interesting to see what everyone comes up with, and maybe I’ll even get more ideas for the gown from your comments ^.^

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6 Responses to Making Alnir Happy…

  1. We can definitely look at my dress as well on Sunday.

  2. PaladinAri says:

    Actually, maybe we could go fabric shopping this weekend? Either on Saturday to give us something to do until DnD, or on Sunday so that I can stay out of the apartment (and avoid the other terrible DnD game, lol)

    • Both sound good to me, we could always go fabric shopping on Saturday and then you could come over Sunday and work on your dress at my house, or we could do fabric Sunday, whichever you like:-D..Also makes me clean the house.

      • paladinari says:

        I agree, lol. Since we are having two D&D games here this weekend, I REALLY need to clean!
        But yes, shopping Saturday, sewing Sunday works for me. My sewing machine isn’t super portable like your cute little thing, but I can still bring it over.
        You know, you might be able to remove the trim on your dress, hem it, then reapply the trim. I can bring over a seam ripper and invisible thread to resew it if you want to try.

  3. I miss Alnir…he was so cute.

  4. Definitely Blue satin with silver trims would be very pretty. Possibly make the body of the dress a dark blue color(maybe not satin) and the sleeves a lighter blue(possibly the blue stain you have if 3 yards is enough for the sleeve portion) and some sort of pretty silver rim for all the trim sections and silver cording for the back lacing..or black leather cording if something stronger is required…If you’d like me to come with you to Joanne’s to go fabric/trim shopping…I’d LOVE too! Just let me know when your free now that class is over.

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