Alnir is Ecstatic! (I’m sure)

Here are a couple of examples I found of what people have been able to create using the McCall’s 4491 pattern.
I think that this person did a particularly lovely job. While the colors wouldn’t work for Ari (she doesn’t strike me as a forest green type of person), I like the way this dress came out and could only hope that mine would be as beautiful:

On the other hand, here is an example of what someone did using the colors that I was originally thinking of using: Blue and silver. However, I think that this dress came out very poorly and the fabrics look very cheap. I’m not particularly fond of the crushed velvet, and certainly wouldn’t use the buttons. But color-wise, yes, this is very lovely:

And here are more versions/colors of the same gown. Again, these are absolutely gorgeous. I could only hope to be so talented!:

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One Response to Alnir is Ecstatic! (I’m sure)

  1. The bottom picture dress to the right is particularly beautiful..I think the neck line on that is the same as one of the ones from the original simplicity pattern you were looking at.

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