The Fantasy is Over…

It seems like it’s been a really long time since I’ve managed to post on my blog! The last time I posted, I was talking about how I was just finishing up my armor for ConnectiCon 2010 and was very excited to be going. Well, now, the wonderful weekend is over and it’s back to reality.
And it really was a great weekend. There were so many people at ConnectiCon this year and so many awesome costumes! I got to see everything from Darth Vader to the Trix Bunny to Colonial Marines to Ghostbusters to Hetalia characters to every anime character imaginable. And it was an absolutely wonderful experience from start to finish.
However, it was also really busy! Griswold and I arrived at around 9:45 on Friday morning in Hartford and we spent about 45 minutes in line just to get our passes. All the time, we got to watch the costumes and craziness pass us by. This was also the day I dressed as a persocom, and since everyone and their mother was dressed as a persocom this day it was nice to be able to fly under the radar.
After we got our tickets, Griswold and Auerion and I checked into our hotel. We got a really good room, too. We had two adjoining rooms next to each other so that Griswold, Denya, the Dungeon Master and I could stay in one room while Auerion and his two companions got the other.
Not much happened on Friday, to be honest. It felt like every time I turned around we were looking to eat. And lo and behold, we ended up ordering pizza for lunch and Chinese for dinner that day, which was just so healthy. But still, it was a good day.
I finished out the day by changing from a persocom to Ari Whisperwind for the night time–finally complete with my leather corset. It’s just always so much fun to see people’s reaction to my armor, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed! It was only a taste of how my Saber armor was going to go over.

And on Saturday morning, I finally got to find out. I now know how Griswold felt last year when he couldn’t walk two steps through the convention center without being stopped because he was dressed as a Ghostbuster with a full light-up proton pack. I’m actually very thankful to all the people who put up with spending time with me over the course of Saturday and Sunday, because I don’t think I would have been able to get very far without them! Thanks to my friends, including Denya and Auerion, I had people who would walk along beside me so that I could actually function. Thanks guys!

And I did get stopped about every two feet: Sometimes even less. I’m not complaining, but I just loved that armor so much and didn’t want to take it off, and that’s probably the reason why I actually didn’t get to see much of the con. But it was worth it.
Common responses:
– “Whoa…”
– “What is that made of?”
– “You must be dying of the heat!”
– “Is that heavy?”
– People just randomly coming up and knocking on me
– And ten thousand, “Can I take your picture!?!?” ‘s

Again, no complaint 😉
As I said before, Denya and I were selected for Cosplay Chess, which can now be seen online in its entirety if you go to and search up “ConnectiCon 2010 Cosplay Chess.” With Denya as the Queen of Hearts (and she ended up being on the white side, which was awesome because I didn’t want to kill her), we had so much fun up on the board! Unfortunately, this year’s chess group was way too excited to be killing each other, and it was one of the shortest chess matches ever: Lasting only 45 minutes. There was a lot of violence and a lot of blood. And my armor stood up to a full-on strike (and I still have the mark to prove it!) by the king of the other side. But still, it was completely worth it. And I doubt that they’ll ever let me up there as Saber again, but I would do it again in a heartbeat, even if it did take up most of our Sunday.
By Sunday night, we were all very tired and in denial. But it was nice this year since we had our hotel rooms through Monday. Usually, we need to move out on Sunday morning with everyone else trying to do the same thing. But it was infinitely less stress this year to be able to hang out on Sunday night in the mostly empty hotel and be able to sleep in a bit on Monday morning before packing up and leaving.
And we drove away to the epic tune of the caramel dance…

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5 Responses to The Fantasy is Over…

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  2. paladinari says:

    I have a Simplicity LOTR pattern and Simplicity cloak pattern, and at the McCall’s sale I got a medieval dress pattern, multiple bustier patterns, and a corset pattern. I’ll probably use the blue/silver satin in the dress in conjunction with either a darker blue fabric or silver fabric for the fabric which I will be missing, and then since this is a summer faerie ball I might make the sleeves out of a lighter fabric so that I won’t be as hot. ^.^
    I’ll probably also do a costume change during the day, if I end up going for the entire day. Ari in armor by day, Ari as reluctant first speaker of the Whisperwind household and, therefore, dressed to the nines by night. All I need to do is look really uncomfortable all night long and I’ll be right in character 😉

  3. Yay for for it being over..and don’t forget Ari you did make a cool necklace Friday so you did do one workshop atleast:-D Now the question is are you going to make a pretty elven dress for Ari for the Midsummer magick festival on July 31st, and if so will you write about those exploits here?…I think it would make since as it’s all about costuming and Ari specifically.

    • paladinari says:

      But of course. My sewing adventures are definitely next on the list of things to blog about ^.^
      Oh, and you were in California and didn’t even get to hear the beginning of my story about this dress! I was at Joanns one day, getting, of all things, rivets (wow), when I came across a very pretty blue-silver satin in the red tag section. I fell in love with it, though I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use it as a dress or a cloak. Either way, I decided to get 5.5 yards of it so that I could choose which pattern to use later.
      You know, she must have misunderstood me and only gave me about 3 yards, which isn’t even enough to make part of the dress. And when I went back two days later to get more fabric… it was gone. *sigh*
      But anyway, I’ll probably begin working on that this weekend. It’ll be a little sad just straight sewing rather than hammering, but I think I’ll live 😉

      • I think you’ll be ok, Ari has to be a pretty elf too:-D Maybe you can make the shoulder cape thing out of the blue stain which was Ari’s fathers…although I don’t know if that goes as it’s a warrior cape..well a cape/cloak in generally would be pretty I’m sure with a silver trim oooo, If you didn’t get a cloak pattern yet let me know I have a few. (Although I’m sure you did with that McCall’s Sale).

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