ConnectiCon Preparations

Wow, ConnectiCon is right around the corner– only five days, in fact–and that means it’s now down the wire for preparations. Unfortunately, even though I plan on wearing 3.5 costumes this year, I’m still working on finishing up my main costume, which is the Saber armor set and accessories.
And it’s becoming a real time crunch!
Because the difference between cosplay and a LARP costume is that if you forget something for your LARP costume, only you know. With a cosplay outfit, it’s a bit more complex.
Saber is a well-known anime character from the series Fate/Stay Night, and everything from her outfit to her armor to her hair to her weapon is highly-recognizable in anime culture. If I were to skimp on something and get it wrong… well, frankly, no one would really care. Though I might get some of the die hards who criticize my lack of accuracy (though I kind of doubt it). Besides, again, I would still know if it was lacking. It would be like trying to cosplay as Pikachu… and making yourself green. Sure, people would probably figure out who you were. But the spirit just isn’t there.
And that’s why I feel like it’s so important for me to do a good job on this. Because not only do I want to impress people with my final product, but I also want to impress myself and know that I put my entire heart and soul into something. Because, really, something like this can only be a labor of love, for all the time and effort I’ve put into it.
Luckily, though, I really am winding down on the project. Even though I intended to have everything completed by yesterday (which I didn’t) it’s still fairly close.
Saber Armor and Accessories Checklist:
1) Reshape tassets and rivet them to the belt
2) Slightly reshape breastplate so I don’t impale myself
3) Finish the gauntlets
4) Finish sewing the front panel of the armor (the blue and gold cloth that hangs down between the tassets
5) Finish gluing and painting Excalibur

Think that’s enough? I’m already looking at the list and shaking my head. Oh my goodness!

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  1. Who needs sleep? Not you right?!

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