Tassets, again!

By the way, I never got to mention that I finished my tassets. As you know, I’m working off of a scale model of Saber for my armor project, and it’s both difficult and challengingly fun to try and translate from a little 9″ tall model to my 5’4″ frame. But the results, I think, are coming out spectacularly.
The biggest challenge of the tassets is that my Saber outfit (the actual cloth dress) is shorter than what Saber actually wears. When I had it custom made for me last summer, I had the length set for me at around my knees, rather than at halfway down Saber’s calves, like it should be. Why did I decide to go shorter? Because it’s cute! And the A-line is very flattering on me and is really flouncy and bouncy when I walk.
Of course, this also means that the tassets had to be shaped a bit differently than they appear on the model.

They are clearly a bit longer on Saber, so I had to balance out the design of my tassets between what looks accurate and what doesn’t look ridiculous. This not only went for the length of the tassets themselves, but also for the scale in width. I actually ended up widening the pattern pieces before cutting the aluminum because, to scale, they ended up looking very narrow. But once I had the pattern down, it was a very quick project to get both tassets cut, sanded, hole-punched, and riveted together.
As I said in my corset post, I tried on my outfit yesterday and held the tassets up to see where they would fall. I think I might need to take an inch or two off the top, but they’re going to look very accurate, overall. The only thing left to this project is to make the belt that the tassets are riveted to and are suspended from.
To do this, I went back to my favorite craft store and bought two craft sheets of very thick leather. Then, I came home and sliced them lengthwise down the middle. The next step will be to turn them into a belt. Since I can’t sew the leather, I will probably rivet the pieces together into the desired length and insert grommets for the appropriate visual effect. Then, I will rivet the tassets on on an angle so that they will stick out a bit more and not look so boxy.
Yes, that’s one regret I have. The tassets are made of three huge pieces of aluminum sheeting each. I was hoping that they would function like my paladin tassets, pauldrons, gauntlets, etc. do and articulate. However, because I didn’t trust four little rivets to hold one sheet to another without the whole thing being noisy and falling apart, there are a lot more rivets doing the job. As such, the tassets are pretty stationary. Granted, they DO move (as in I can fold them in half) but they pretty much just pop right back into place.
However, the rigidity of the pieces will probably work in my favor since they look a lot more accurate. However, I laugh at what I’m going to look like the first time I try to sit down, between the corset, the tassets, and the dress.

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