Corset, Revisited

So, guess who’s sitting eating lunch while wearing a tightly-laced corset just to prove that she can sit, eat, and not pass out? Yup. It’s me. Remember that leather corset I got for my paladin armor? Well, I never got the chance to wear it. However, in a moment of curiosity, I decided to try it on underneath my Saber dress.
What a difference it makes! Normally I only wear a strapless bra underneath the dress, which (if you’re not familiar with this torture device) means a day full of slipping down, digging in, and being overall uncomfortable. Also, to be honest, it doesn’t quite “keep things” at the level they should be kept, so it’s a rather painful and none-too-flattering day.
Enter the corset. Because as soon as I tried it on underneath the dress it was like this was the garment that Saber was meant to wear! Not only is it snug and secure, but it evenly distributes the weight, doesn’t kill my shoulders, and actually provides a base for keeping my strapless dress up where it’s supposed to be (it used to slip down like crazy when I wore just the strapless bra).
And there are more benefits! It “flattens” me out a bit so my armor fits better (because you know as soon as I tried on my dress I had to try on the armor with it). And did I mention just the overall flattering figure that comes about because of it?
Oh right, there are a few downsides. First, I need to sit all prim and proper… which I imagine Saber would do anyway, so that’s not a problem. Also, though I don’t need to keep it tightly laced to keep it on, it is just slightly constricting to my breathing. So remember everyone: Saber will be on high fainting alert during ConnectiCon! Between the corset, the high neck, the weight of the armor, the constricting nature of the armor, etc… But it will just be wonderful ^.^
Then, just to be curious again, I decided to try on my Chi dress over the corset (because the pretty lacy white dress doesn’t really lend itself to normal undergarments). Um… my dress is white, my corset is black, and the corset shows from underneath the dress. On the other hand, it offers all the same benefits as the Saber dress had. So… I might still want to play around with the idea of it. Maybe make some sort of lace overpinning for it? *shrug*
I would also try the same thing for the Ghostbuster Girl costume… but I can’t find it. So we’ll put that on hold for a little while.
Anyway, since I’ve been writing this post, I ate my lunch. With the corset pressing in on me, I’m feeling a bit more full than usual. Maybe this could function as a weight loss tool as well? 🙂

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2 Responses to Corset, Revisited

  1. paladinari says:

    Ooh, a lacy slip would be cute… and appropriate! ^.^

  2. for the chii a good idea might be to get a slip to wear underneath between the corset an the dress so you cant see the corset

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