As a break from armor (and mostly because I didn’t have any time to commit to it yesterday) I was up until a quarter to 1 in the morning last night sewing. It’s not a very big project. I’m actually trying to make my interpretation of an Elvish Bag of Holding. I’ve had cloth for the project for a while, which I got for $2 a piece at Joanns. They’re actually beautiful drapery fabrics, and, originally, I was going to sew them together by hand. But now that I have a machine here, that should make things go faster!
So first of all, the drapery fabrics aren’t making the bag itself, since the fabrics are kind of thin, and I would think that an Elvish Bag of Holding needs to be tough. So to backtrack, I was at the Christmas Tree Shop in Deer Park, Long Island yesterday and happened to be in the placemat section. I was thrilled when I came across these very simple placemats that had a beautiful silk side. And that got me thinking that they might make the perfect core for my bag, because they were stiff and sturdy, yet lovely. I got two gold colored ones for the bag, since the drapery fabric is gold and brown, and I also got two in a pretty shade of green, which I might plan on using for a future costume which I plan on making (which will be disclosed at a later date, so stay tuned!).
I decided to make the bag on the smaller side, so I went with the idea of a 6″x6″ bag that is 2″ deep. And I decided that I wanted one side to have a flap that folded over the other so I could close it, and I’ll figure out the closure later.
Now, I didn’t have a pattern for this, so a lot of it is just straight measuring. I figured that I would probably be sewing a .5″ seam on the edge, which meant that each piece needed to be 1″ bigger than what it was going to end up as. For example, since I am making a 6″x6″ bag, one side would need to actually be 7″x7″ to allot for the .5″ seam. So I made one of those by utilizing the already existing stitching on the placemat and just following those cues for creating more support stitching on the sides I cut.
I followed the same idea for the depth of the bag. Since 6″+6″+6″ (ie, three sides of the bag, leaving the top side open) is 18″, I cut an 18″x3″ strip to make the two sides and bottom of the bag. Again, it’s 3″ instead of my intended depth of 2″ because you need a seam.
Finally, I made the piece which would make the back of the bag that folds over and has a flap for the front. This meant that I had to allot for the 6″x6″ size of the back, the 6″x2″ size of the top, and whatever I approximated for the front.
By the time that was all done, it was pretty late. But I decided to keep going. I wanted to use the brown fabric on the front and the gold on the sides and bottom. So now, I had to cover the core pieces I had created using the placemats.
This is where I began running into difficulty. Because I only have one type of sewing machine needle here, and I found out last night that it is not very happy when working with pretty, thin drapery fabric. Let’s just say thank goodness for a little invention called the seam ripper! I began cover the front of the flap with the brown fabric last night only to mess up so bad that I finally had to just step away from the machine, for fear that the late hour coupled with impatience would make for a mess. However, looking back at it this morning has shown me that it’s not as bad as I thought.
Anyway, I’ll probably finish up my sewing machine adventures later today and post pictures of the finished product. But it’s going to be a very busy day. I have class later and have work to do for that, and it would be nice to have food in the apartment to eat, too. Also, I think that Denya is coming over so that I can help her costume, too.
By the way, in other news, I got a confirmation email from ConnectiCon that they received my cosplay chess submission! I’m very excited, because I will know by tomorrow if I will be used in the game at all. Keep your fingers crossed!

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2 Responses to Detour

  1. I got my email too I hope I get into cosplay chess:-D I was happy to hear we’ll know by tomorrow. I’m also bringing a sewing machine (didn’t realize you had one) so we can have costuming fun tonight!

    • paladinari says:

      Well, I have nothing else to sew for a while. I actually just need to finish up my metal work tonight. It’s really important I get it done ASAP since I have a lot of nitpicky metal working to do and not too many days to do it in.

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