Today’s Checklist

– Finish breastplate (ie, make fully functional by installing the second row of snaps and fully assembling the backplate)
– Go out and buy more aluminum flashing (I went last night to Joanns and got more rivets so I’m good to go!)
– Do homework for my Multiple Intelligences class… TODAY.
– Clean the apartment
– Begin designing Saber’s tassets OR gauntlets (on the one hand, the gauntlets will be a bit more involved than the gauntlets so I should focus on the gauntlets. on the other hand, for the purposes of getting into cosplay chess with a picture, I should design the tassets and use my Ari gauntlets as a stand-in for the picture… then do the gauntlets later)
– Contact Fairfield Teacher’s Agency about my “situation”
– Maybe call some people about apartments

(*looks at list* Heh, yeah right -.-)

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2 Responses to Today’s Checklist

  1. paladinari says:

    Of course it’s not a “priority list”.

    However since you asked:

    Have done today:
    – Buy aluminum
    – SCOURED rat cage for maximum getting-alongness

    Priority list:
    – Homework
    – Contact FTA
    – Clean apartment
    – Finish breastplate
    – Apartments (…?)
    – New pattern? (lol, I don’t think so)

    You see? I’m totally responsible! ^.^*

  2. I hope that’s not in list of priority because really the last two should be done before the rest of it…. unfortunately life adult stuff should come before cosplay fun

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