Just breathe…

Well, it wasn’t for lack of trying. I have just finished assembling what may be the most dangerous piece of cosplay armor known to man… or woman. The front of back of the breastplate are done and I only need to add one more metal plate to the back to be completely finished with this leg of the project (with what, two days to go til the cosplay chess deadline?).

So here it is, Saber’s breastplate. I’m just so happy when I look at it. I want to wear it all the time. Except, as I said, it’s super dangerous to wear. Take the collar, for instance. Imagine razor sharp edges protruding towards your chin as you wear it (I WILL be sanding these off!). And the plates like to pinch the skin (on the outside) as I move. Oh, and did I mention that the front plate buttons to the backplate? Do you know how much pain is involved in fixing these two pieces together? Metal and buttons do not mix!

Despite all that, it’s oh-so-pretty. And it stays on without straps, which makes me happy (though it probably stays on my body by virtue of my rather wide hips, but I try not to think about that).
I’ll just finish up the backplate tonight and I’ll be done with the breastplate. That it. Project over. Well, THAT project at least.
*Ari gets a far away look in her eyes as she begins to imagine what will be involved with the tassets and gauntlets*
Sometimes I wonder what it’s going to feel like once I’ve hammered in that last rivet. I’m enjoying this armor project (both Ari and Saber) enough as a passing hobby, but I don’t know if I’ll be keeping it up after this cosplay armor is done. Though it will be sad to not continue on to anything else.

Btw, Denya and Auerion, I called the FTA as I said I would! It was… helpful. I suppose. Time will tell! ^.^*

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