Yes, yes… I know I keep saying I’m going to start on Saber’s armor so that I can have it done in time for ConnectiCon. Well, ConnectiCon’s in a MONTH and I haven’t gotten too far, honestly. However, it’s not that I’ve done NOTHING. It’s just going slow. Very slow. Mostly because I have no idea what I’m doing, and a lot of the pieces of this thing are being wrought by trial and error and an undying love for Saber and wanting to portray her in as accurate a manner as possible. Granted, what I’m making isn’t exactly what her armor looks like, and it’s certainly not how it would be worn in the real world. No, let’s not point out the fact that this is fantasy armor and has no practical way to be worn in real life. But still, I’m trying my hardest!
So here it is… Right on the heels of my paladin armor, I give you the beginning of Fate/Stay Night’s Saber!

Yes, I know you can see the tape that’s holding the plates together. And no, I won’t leave it like that! The game plan (for the breastplate) is to figure out all of the individual plates. Then, I’ll hammer in rivet holes to each plate depending on how many I think I’ll need. The plates will then be riveted to a black vinyl backing, and strips of aluminum will be used on the inside of the breastplate at key locations to help the armor keep its shape. The armor breastplate and backplate will be permanently attached together on one side. Then, the vinyl will overlap on the other side of the armor and and I will install (I use the word install since this requires a hammer) heavy duty snaps to close the breastplate on the other side. Most likely, I will also need to integrate some sort of strap system on the top of the breastplate to actually keep the armor on my body. I’m hoping not, but so be it if I must.
Anyway, that’s just the plan for the breastplate. IF I can get through this with enough time, I will be able to tackle the tassets and gauntlets and construct them in the simplest way I can manage. And then *sobs* I plan to cheat on the sabatons (the greaves and foot covers) since I REALLY don’t know how to make those and will probably run out of time. Hello metallic silver paint on a pair of scrap boots…

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3 Responses to Proof!

  1. I’m also glad that figure is being so helpful so you can see your project as your going on a three dimensional figure 😀

  2. Wow that looks awesome so far ari…Your gonna be so cool for think you’ll have enough for a picture for cosplay chess entry June 20th?

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