Find of the Day: LARPtopia!

Ok, so it’s not really LARPtopia. However, this is like something I once read about in a book. You make a character and play that character FULLY for the duration of a few days without being allowed to go out of the character (unless you need to call upon the magical powers of the privy). It’s called NERO, which stands for the New England Role-playing organization. It’s like the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism). But unlike the SCA, there are dwarves and elves and your greatest enemy might really be the eccentric mage who lives in a nearby tower… guarded by a dragon… with a legion of trolls at his beck and call…

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2 Responses to Find of the Day: LARPtopia!

  1. paladinari says:

    By the way, if you check out the player info > character creation section of the site, there are a list of some really good questions to ask your character to help get to know him/her better! So, you’d all better watch out. The game is on again 😉

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