Saber Cosplay

Here is a link to an absolutely gorgeous, full-armor, Saber cosplay that I found. The woman who did this was very innovative and used both thermo-plastic and craft foam for the armor pieces, and even though she says the armor isn’t that accurate I don’t think that anyone would complain. It’s simply stunning!

On a side note: You know, I’m sitting here with my Saber figuring that Denya was nice enough to give to me for Christmas (thank you!). I’ve never noticed it before, but I just realized that Saber actually has two different gauntlets. Her left gauntlet has a more articulated and spiky shape than the other. I wonder why this is?

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One Response to Saber Cosplay

  1. See she did what i thought you should which is make the pieces for the breast plate and then attach them to a black material that would go around your body (like a shirt perhaps with a zipper or something) I would check the show pictures before being sure the figure is accurate too.

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