Where do I go from here?

Well, I think I’ve been asking myself that question for the past two months, ever since–if you read my About Me author story–my life was shot down in an instant and I’ve been looking for a job. What was the temporary solution? That’s right: Apply for jobs by day, create a full suit of elf paladin armor by night. Yes, I’m sure that was the most logical (and cost-efficient) thing to do. *shudder*
But aside from that, I truly have been applying for jobs left and right. Someone at the faire asked me how long it took to make my armor. I said, “Two months. Clearly, I have too much time on my hands!” What I meant to say–if only to be able to laugh at myself–was, “Two months. This is what happens when you’re unemployed.” But she might have taken offense to that, or just have felt awkward. So I didn’t go there. That being said, maybe I’ve been spending too much time making armor. However, I really have been enjoying it. And even if it’s not getting me any closer to a job, at least it’s keeping me sane and out of trouble (pretty much).
So, where DO I go from here? Believe it or not, ConnectiCon is fast approaching. In fact, there are only 45 days left. I say “only”, but what I’ve learned in the past few years I’ve gone is that it comes along really quickly! And if you’re not ready to go with your costume, you’re just going to end up running around like a crazy person towards the end trying to get it all together. There are still a few things I’d like to do with Ari’s armor, but I think it’s time I took a step back and examine my cosplaying passion for a moment (see first post for definition of “cosplay”).
At ConnectiCon 2009, my cosplaying endeavor was the character Saber from Fate/Stay Night. Her outfit was a special eBay order, and it was a perfect fit.

However, it was only the cloth dress portion of her outfit. This wasn’t terrible, since people still knew who I was. But I had always wished for the armor that went along with it. Saber is, after all, the spirit of King Arthur. And therefore, she normally wears armor.
You can buy Saber’s armor on eBay. However, it’s made out of some kind of fiberglass material, costs around $500, and is probably too long for my outfit (I’m short, and my Saber costume reflects that).
So, after creating armor for Ari, I’m really feeling like making a stab at Saber’s armor as well. In my mind, I say, “Hey, this shouldn’t be too terrible!” But really, having not even begun, I wonder if it’s even worth attempting?

Saber’s armor is very detailed and tricky. And, of course, really none of the pieces could be applied to Ari’s armor set since they have a different spirit. I’m actually rather confident about rendering saber’s tassets and gauntlets, and even her greaves and sabatons (foot armor). However, I look at her breastplate–which is the most easily recognizable piece of her armor by fans around the world and so MUST be near perfect–and I become very apprehensive.

Not only have I found that I can’t really create a true dish bend using aluminum, but there are also many individual pieces which must be constructed in order to create this breastplate. On the one hand, I tell myself that this is completely doable if I don’t mind looking a little boxy, which still wouldn’t be the end of the world. On the other hand, well, I’m just terrified of the detail and different plates involved. I don’t even think I could rivet this thing together, since I can’t really show rivets if I want to stay character accurate. I thought of maybe lacing the individual plates together with suede to give it more organic movement and keep the seams together, but I’m still not entirely sure. At the very least, I think that before I run out and get more aluminum for this, I had better begin making a pattern. If I can make something that I feel remotely confident in, I suppose I could make a stab at it. After all, I think the breastplate would be the worst part. And if I can get past that, I’m pretty certain that I could easily follow up with the other pieces.
Of course, Ari won’t be kept on the back burner for long. I still have big plans for updating her armor, too!
Now if only I could process the reality check that keep screaming in the back of my mind…

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3 Responses to Where do I go from here?

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  2. paladinari says:

    SHU regularly puts out lists of people who are “hiring”, but they are not for any job that I would want/be qualified are and SHU won’t help you get to them at all.
    As for certifications/training, one thing that could help is a minor in Media Studies. Do I want to pay for the credits? No 😦
    So… maybe I should start my own business. When you can’t find a job, make one!

  3. An idea on the job front… maybe look at all the different jobs in your field or fields your interested in and see if there are any certifications or special training there all or some of them are looking for and look into getting that maybe through a class or online course or test, building up your resume is always good. Have you tried SHU’s job help center or are they like not helpful at all.

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