Presenting: The Companionship of the Dagger!

Yes, that was a lame title. But it was true! For the first time ever, yesterday, Denya, Griswold, Auerion and myself were together in the same place at the same time (in-character, at least). We went back to enjoy the final weekend of the Connecticut Renaissance Faire in Guilford, and we had so much fun!

The weather was absolutely beautiful. It wasn’t so hot that you wanted to take your cloak off, but it wasn’t so cold that you wanted to stay huddled up underneath your cloak, either. And there were many, many more people there yesterday than there were two weeks ago. So it was worth it to be able to get out and see everyone and everything before the faire disappears until the fall!
And we took a ton of pictures (and by “we”, I mean Denya and Auerion did since my camera is useless and Griswold “forgot” his). In-particular, I love the group shots we were able to get. I think that we were all very in-character for these, and if you take a look at all the pics of us I think that we did a really great job staying in-persona for the shots.
Also, we were very honored/interested by the fact that the official CT Ren Faire photographer (who also happens to be an owner) seemed to be stalking our group. That’s how great we all looked, I’m sure. And I look forward to seeing some professional pictures go up on the internet as well.

So, here are everyone’s awards that I would like to give them for yesterday ^.^
Ok, I hear it now, “What? Awards?” Yes! These are things I thought you all did particularly great!
So, here we are:

– Best in-character performance: Auerion (seriously, I don’t think he slipped out of character even once, and it was sometimes hard to even have a conversation with him! Great job)
– Most detailed costume: Denya (I think that Denya had the most vibrant and rich of all of our outfits. It was very detailed!)
– Best spontaneous in-character moments: Griswold (from absolutely hilarious photo poses to playing a Dwarven princess, I think that Griswold was the most unpredictable yesterday)
– Costume creation best in show: Auerion (what what if he waited until the last minute to sew his costume and almost didn’t have a pair of pants and a haversack to his name? The fact that it was all made from scratch was quite impressive!)
Most drunken behavior: Griswold (I’m not sure even I even saw him drink yesterday, but he could have fooled me)
Gracious host/hostess: Denya (for selflessly inviting the entire group back to her and the DM’s tavern for an after-faire barbeque. thumbs up!)

Well, unfortunately, the companionship won’t make another appearance until ConnectiCon, and we’ll probably all become very lazy with out outfits until then. But I think it’s been a great journey so far, and I can’t wait to get back into playing the game, once the DM commands it 😉

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4 Responses to Presenting: The Companionship of the Dagger!

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  2. And for Best Craftmenship: Ari (with her totally awesome, painstaking, everyone wants to take your picture handmade armor)

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