Semi panic

So, Denya and our friend and I just got back from a club in Ansonia. We saw a very… “interesting” show which I think would have left even Ari blushing. But I digress…
We’re going to the faire on Saturday! And I don’t know who I’m kidding when I think that my armor is going to be done by then. Yes, it will be wearable. And much more functional than before. But there is still so much to do! And I don’t know if I have enough time.
On my to-do list, in no particular order, is adding to my breastplate, finishing/creating my greaves (which have now been rendered into aluminum), wrapping the handle of my sword with leather, and adjusting the cuisses to make sure that they will fit nicely (which I still need to fine-tune from the other day).
But I guess in order of importance, this is what I should focus on in order:
– Adjust the cuisses
– Wrap the sword
– Add to the breastplate
– Create greaves

I’ll see what I can do tomorrow, but I’m only human so sacrifices might need to be made 😦
If I get through even the second of my list I’ll be happy, so I think that is a good aim.
Good night!

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